About Us

Looking for a unique activity where you can relieve some stress and laugh? Enjoy sharing your experience with a date, friends, or co-workers. For a night out or just to take a break? Come to Laff Breaks, where it's always break time!    

We are located in the Commerce Plaza of the Reserve on the Knolls estates. Laff Breaks is located next to Erin's Dance Studio.    

Laff Breaks is a recreation club where you can purchase several fragile items, sign a liability waiver, and take your newly purchased items to a semi-private room to throw them against the wall. You'll quickly learn why we're called Laff Breaks. Each room is equipped with: a Bluetooth speaker, a projector, a USB input (bring a flash drive of videos and pictures to project on the target wall), custom color LED lights and face shields. Book a session today online, or by calling 402-235-5233 or by emailing laffbreaks@gmail.com.    

Although memberships are available, they are not a requirement to use the club's facilities.


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