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Items may vary


Basic breakables

$1.00 ea.
These clay discs are biodegradable, have a good weight to them and easily bust into dozens of pieces with very little force.
Plastic Discs
$1.00 ea.
A unique breakable object. 100% plastic, these discs are tricky to throw but when done well they make a fantastic destructive noise.
House Plates
House Plates
$3 ea. or 5 for $12
Made right here at Laff Breaks, these plates are excellent for sharpies. They have real heft and make a lot of noise! (Based on availability.)
Face Mask
Face Shield
$5.00 ea.
Although this is not a breakable item, it is a necessary accessory. We offer face shields in the style of a welding helmet. If you do not wish to use our helmets, these are an alternative shields that you can keep.
Lobby Display

Specialty items

Glass Cup
$3 ea. or 2 for $5
These glasses are perfect shatter pieces. Also fun to write on with a sharpie.
Champagne Glass
$4 ea. or 2 for $7
Experience the ultra romantic moment when you clink a pair of champagne glasses and then smash them to the floor!
Sweet Smasher
The shell only with hammer is $20
Your very own chocolaty breakable to smash where ever you like. The Sweet Smasher comes as a heart shape or a large 9" circle. Break the Sweet Smasher with the wooden hammer (included) and reveal the candies inside.
Mystery Box
Mini Smasher
$30.00 ea.
Each Mini Smasher contains: 15 Targets, 10 discs, and 3 Specialty breakables.
Floor Buster
The Floor Buster includes: 40 Targets, 10 Discs, and 3 Large breakables that must be hurled at the floor for maximum damage.
Gift Box
Gift Box
$5.00 ea.
Create a 3D Mosaic keep sake from the shattered pieces of your breakables. Includes a scoop of tin shavings, an additional scoop is a $1.00 more.
Small Specialty Breakable
$5.00 ea.
The items vary and are in limited quantity.
Large Specialty Breakable
$10 to $20 ea.
The items vary and are in limited quantity.


BREAK-fast Club
$20 a month or add a +1 for $30
A basket of 20 targets twice a month.  +1 is 2 baskets of 20 targets per month.
Getting Smashed
$45 a month or add a +1 for $55
A Mystery Box twice a month. +1 is two Mystery Boxes, twice a month.
Extreme Smash-Up
$60 a month. Add 2 large items, $70
A Floor Buster twice a month. With an additional $10 a month you will get a large $10 item twice a month with your Floorbuster.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates
Customizable cost
Gift Certifcates are currently available for purchase in the lobby.
Rewards Program
For every $10 spent at Laff breaks, your rewards card recieves a stamp. Collect 9 stamps and recieve $10 off your next purchase.

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